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Chiropractic Posture Tips For Work in Jackson Township, NJ

Hi everybody. Dr. Kinney here, your chiropractor for posture in Jackson Township, NJ. Today, I wanna talk to you a little bit about posture, proper posture, specifically when you’re sitting at your desk.

So many of my patients right now, especially with the pandemic, are working from home. And they’re on a laptop, which ideally is not the best scenario for you to be doing work. The best case scenario is for you to have a desktop with a good chair, a keyboard, a mouse close by, and should be fit to your particular body or size.

So for me, my chair is always at the highest, because I’m short. You would ideally like to have both feet flat on the floor. Sometimes people get one of those little wedge things to put your feet up on. I find that that’s fine too.

You wanna sit all the way back in your chair. You don’t wanna be leaning forward in your chair. You don’t wanna be sitting on the edge of your chair.I know a lot of people like to work like that too.

Better Work Posture | Chiropractic Jackson Township, NJ

In a perfect world, your keyboard and your mouse are at a 90 degree angle with your elbow. Mine are a little bit higher because I’m a little bit shorter, but you definitely don’t want your mouse to be out in front of you. You definitely don’t wanna be typing up high.

And many of my patients who are on a laptop unfortunately are leaned way over with their laptop and keyboard down low. You wanna have the monitor or the screen right in front of you, if not slightly elevated.

So in a perfect world, again, you would be looking slightly up at your monitor, ’cause you don’t wanna be ever rounding your shoulders and looking down with that forward head posture. That’s what we ideally will call tech neck.

In the long run, you’re gonna develop problems in your neck, your shoulders, and your upper back with that type of posture. Sitting back in your chair, typing and working, looking straight ahead or slightly up, mouse close by.

Posture for Work | Chiropractic Jackson Township, NJ

Again, you don’t want your mouse way out in front of you. You want it as close to you as possible. And when you’re doing your work, you wanna feel your chair in the small of your back, and you should have your shoulders back.

Again, you don’t want to be rounded and forward, and it’s easy to get into that. I totally understand. Especially when you get absorbed in a Zoom call or a meeting or you’re really absorbed in work, it’s easy to lean forward.

You wanna try your best to have the shoulders back, and you want your elbows at 90 degrees and looking either straight or slightly elevated up at your monitor.

All right, I hope that helps. Try to work on your workstations at home, so you can get better posture when you’re working all day long to alleviate some of your aches and pains.

All right, I’ll see you soon.

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