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Proper Posture While Driving from Your Chiropractor in Jackson Township, NJ

Hi everybody. Dr. Kinney here, your chiropractor for better posture in Jackson Township, NJ. Today, I’m gonna add one more posture video to my library, proper posture when you’re sitting in your car.

Supportive Driving Posture | Chiropractic Jackson Township, NJ

So when you’re sitting in your car, it’s really important that your back has good lumbar support. Many cars these days have a button where you can pump up or lower the lumbar support. You wanna be able to have a nice support in the small of your back.

You want your arms to be about arm, a little bit like elbow length in front of you. You don’t wanna be reaching too far out for your steering wheel. You don’t want your steering wheel to be too far into your body.

So you wanna have your head also touching the back of the chair. So when you’re driving, your head shouldn’t be leaning forward, arms, shoulders forward. You want your head and your back up against your seat.

Feet should be able to touch the ground and be able to touch the pedal easily from your brake and your gas without reaching too far forward. When you are driving, you don’t wanna be leaning on the shoulder over a long period of time. That puts a lot of stress on the shoulder and on the neck.

So you really want head, neck, and shoulders back, back flat, feet down, and you also wanna make sure that your head is using the headrest and not leaning too far forward.

All right, I hope that helps. Use proper posture in your car.

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