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Chiropractic Stretches for Shoulder Pain in Jackson Township, NJ

Hi, everybody. Dr. Jodi Kinney here, your chiropractor for shoulder pain in Jackson Township, NJ. Today, I wanna show you the three most effective stretches that you can do for your shoulder if you’re having shoulder pain.

So I think there’s three, well, so there are three main regions of the shoulder that can give you any kinda pain or problems. The front of the shoulder into the front of the arm, the cap of the shoulder, and then the back of the shoulder that goes into your neck. So we’re gonna try to stretch all three of those areas today.

Shoulder Pain Stretch | Chiropractic Jackson Township, NJ

So the first one that I’m gonna do is the back of the shoulder, right in this region here. So the best thing that you could do is keep your arm as straight as possible and just pull it directly over in front of your chest.

You should feel that stretch right in the back of the deltoid, a little bit into the back of your rotator cuff. And you’re gonna hold each of these stretches like a good five to 10 breaths.

So you never wanna hold your breath when you’re stretching. You always wanna kinda breathe into each of the stretches.

Next one we’re gonna do is kind of stretch the front shoulder. So I always say find a door jam or a piece of the wall. And what you wanna do is put your arm at a 90 degree angle and you wanna lean into the stretch so that you feel the stretch right in the front of your shoulder, into the peck a little bit.

Stretch for Shoulder Pain | Chiropractic Jackson Township, NJ

If you turn your head, that will all also kinda stretch a little bit into the neck. That’s a really good anterior shoulder stretch. Sometimes if you find a doorway, you can do this with both of your arms and stretch both of them at the same time.

That’s a good way to get a bilateral sort of stretch in the shoulders. And then to get the back of the neck, and into the top of the neck, and into the top of this shoulder. This is almost like a neck and shoulder stretch.

So you’re gonna turn your head off one direction about 45 degrees and then pull your head down towards your chest, bringing the shoulder back and down in the opposite direction. Same thing, you wanna breathe into it.

If you’re doing it right, you should feel the stretch from the top of your neck all the way into the top of the shoulder. And that’s a good kind of whole neck into the shoulder stretch.

Ideally, you wanna do this both ways. So you’re gonna do it on the other side too, but obviously, if it’s only one shoulder problem, you wanna utilize all of those stretches to really try to mobilize and loosen up the shoulder as best as possible.

Shoulder Pain | Chiropractic Jackson Township, NJ

My disclaimer with, if this, if it really hurts when you’re doing this, and I don’t mean a stretch hurt. You know the difference. If it’s really, really painful, then it could be something more serious. You wanna stop immediately if it really gives you a lot of pain, okay?

But otherwise, be utilizing those stretches to kinda loosen everything up. It helps with posture,it helps with any kind of shoulder pain or problems.

Thanks, guys. See you soon.

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