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Natural Scoliosis Pain Relief in Jackson Township, NJ

Natural Scoliosis Pain Relief | Chiropractor for Scoliosis in Jackson Township, NJ

Hi, everybody. Today I’m going to continue my series on middle back pain and some of the reasons why someone might have middle back pain. One common reason why is what’s called scoliosis. It’s a condition that usually starts in girls, sometimes boys, but mostly girls around the 12-13 year old age, and advances as the patient grows, and it usually stops at around the end of their growth, which is usually 16, 17, 18 years old.

Scoliosis can cause pain, it doesn’t always but it it can cause pain. And I’ve seen quite a few girls with scoliosis, over the course of my years in practice. So in case you’re not familiar, when we look at a spine, from the back, it should line up in a nice straight line from the side is where we should see these curves. But from the back, it should not when there is like a lateral curvature of the spine. That’s called a scoliosis. It can happen in the thoracic region, which is more like your mid back region. But it can also happen down in your lumbar region as well. But most commonly, it’s in the thoracic region.

What happens is just through development, no one really knows why it happens. The spine starts to shift and grow with a curve. Now if this curve goes to the left meaning into like the heart that’s very dangerous and needs to be corrected right away. Typically, that doesn’t happen. It usually curves into the right. But what happens here is it causes a lot of abnormal muscle tension, a lot of abnormal joint function. Sometimes there’s a rotary component to the scoliosis as well. And so we see this a lot in my office and can definitely cause pain because it puts abnormal stress on the joints and on the nerves. We adjust kids with scoliosis all the time. I’ve even had older patients who never even knew that they had a scoliosis 40s 50s 60s Come into my office say they have debilitating back pain and they’ve had a scoliosis probably since they’re young. Unfortunately, scoliosis can turn into like a degenerative type situation like an arthritic situation because of that abnormal stress on the spine. That’s why adjustments are so important to keep healthy motion and movement in the spine. Adjustments can’t necessarily cure scoliosis, but I have seen scoliosis get even a little bit straighter, very little bit but enough that helps to alleviate the pain and the aching and the stiffness that a kid can have when they’re trying to sit in class or play sports or sit at a computer or just any activities of daily life.

So if you feel like you have mid back pain it might be coming from scoliosis or your children some of your child of yours has a scoliosis, come get them checked by us and we can help them feel a lot better so that they don’t have to suffer with middle back pain. Alright, thanks so much. We’re gonna see you again soon.

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