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Healthcare for Kids in Jackson Township, NJ

Natural Healthcare for Kids | Pediatric Chiropractor in Jackson Township, NJ

Hi everybody, Dr. Jodi Kinney here. Kids typically have all sorts of illnesses when they start to enter school like ear infections and sinus infections. We may start to notice more congestion, maybe asthma, and constipation can be big with some of the kids as I see stomach aches and digestive issues. So today I want to show you why natural healthcare through Chiropractic would help with these things for kids.

The Difference in Pediatric Chiropractic Care

The nervous system is the system that runs through your spine, these nerves exit out every single level. Now they go to your arms and your legs and your back and your neck. So for people who have pain and issues in those areas, that’s why you may get adjusted. For kids however, they don’t often have back and neck pain, they might have things like ear infections, and then nerve pain that comes from the top of the neck or the ones that go to the inner ears. So we want to make sure that nerve supply is really strong and healthy for the inner ears, the throat, the nose, the sinus to help with drainage of all those areas. The nerves in the middle part of the back are the ones that go to the heart and the lungs. So for kids who have bronchitis or asthma adjustments are going to help open up those nerve pathways to help with breathing and respiratory function.

Keeping The Nervous System Healthy

Then the nerves in the middle to lower part of the back are the ones that go to stomach for stomach aches or lower digestion, bowel habits, constipation, digestive issues, gas and bloating. So the nerve supply that comes from the spine controls all of those things. So if kids are coming and literally belly aching that they have things going on, they might not be lying, there really might be something wrong. So instead of giving them medicine, or on antibiotics or medications, what we do is we work on the holistic level, make sure their nervous system and their spines are perfect and functioning perfectly so their bodies had the best ability to fight all the stuff off naturally without any drugs or any medication. So if your kids are sick frequently sick, or complain of things like this, bring them in and we can naturally help them get healthy and well without any medication.

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Intrinsic Chiropractic

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