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Exercises to Get Rid of Vertigo in Jackson Township, NJ

Exercises to Get Rid of Vertigo | Chiropractor for Vertigo in Jackson Township, NJ

Hi everybody, today I want to talk a little bit about vertigo and some exercises, simple exercises that you can do. If you’re suffering at home with vertigo.

Different Causes of Vertigo

There’s a couple of different ways that vertigo comes on, a couple different causes. There’s a condition called maneras disease, which is fluid in the inner inner ears. There’s cervicogenic vertigo, which I just did a previous video on, on how you can help with cervicogenic vertigo, meaning vertigo coming from the nerves from the upper part of the neck spine, but a very common cause of vertigo is what’s called BPP V, which is Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. And that’s when there are the crystals in the inner part of the ear. And certain exercise can help with alleviating vertigo when there is that situation.

At Home Exercises to Alleviate Your Vertigo Symptoms

So these are easy exercises to do. I recommend that you do these repetitions, repeat them 20 times and you’re going to do them twice a day. So the first one is just as simple nodding your head up and down. You just want to note all the way up and all the way down slowly 20 times just to get the movement in the spine. And then the next one is going side to side. So we’re basically going to go through all the ranges of motion, slowly turning your head each way 20 times. Same thing with side bending, you’re going to side them one way and then the other. Do it slowly. You may get a little groggy or dizzy or feel a little funny, just work through the dizziness. And then the next one is going to be side bending, tilting your head one way and nodding up and down. So you want to nod your head up and down 20 times tilting off to the right side. And then you’ll tilt your head slowly to the left and do the same thing. nodding your head slowly up and down 20 times. Again, if you’re feeling a little dizzy, it should go away. And then the last one you’re going to do is actually laying down. So you’re gonna lay down on your back. And you’re gonna do a nodding up and down like lifting your head nodding up and down. So chin to chest, and then drop your head down and not up and down. 20 times. Again, you’re gonna do these twice a day, just to put the neck through the full ranges of motion. And ideally what you’re doing is trying to get the motion, get your vision steady, get your motion steady and maybe dislodge any little crystals or anything in the inner ear. Do them slowly again, try to do them twice a day. And that should help with with alleviating some of the symptoms of vertigo.

Alright, thanks so much for tuning in. We’ll see you again soon!

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