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Flexion-Distraction Decompression for Disc Injuries

Hi everybody, have you ever struggled with herniated discs, pain down in your legs or across your lower back? It’s definitely a problem that contractors work with. My name is Dr. Jody Kinney, your chiropractor for disc injuries in Jackson Township, NJ.

Chiropractic Disc Injury Stretch in Jackson Township, NJ

I’m going to show you one of the techniques that we do to help patients who have herniated discs, or sciatic pain, or severe pain across your back. When we look at a spine obviously, the main thing is focus on the spine is getting all the pressure off of all those nerves.

And we can do this with adjustments and one of the aspects of one of the parts of the adjustments that we do is called flexion distraction. So you lay the patient face down on the table, these specific tables actually bend at the waist.

And what that does, when I use the flexion distraction table and kind of manually distract. And ideally what this does is it helps to open up the spinal joint, open up those disc spaces, create more room, more space for nerve supply.

Disc Injury Treatment in Jackson Township, NJ

That type of decompression is really good to help open up the joints, take pressure off the nerves, decompress the discs. And this is the way that we can treat things like herniated discs.

So it’s not a death sentence. You don’t have to live on medication if you have a herniated disc in your neck or in your lower back. These things are treatable by chiropractors. So if you have one of these problems, please give us a call. Do not suffer. Again, I’m Dr Jodi Kinney, Intrinsic Chiropractic.

Intrinsic Chiropractic

Intrinsic Chiropractic Is Located Near You In Jackson, NJ. Ask About Our New Patient Special! Dr. Kinney Uses A "Whole Person Approach". Get To The Root Cause Of Pain. TMJ Pain. Ear Infections. Bulging Disc Injury. Back Pain. Headaches & Migraines. Seasonal Allergies.

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