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Chiropractic Stretches for Golfers in Jackson Township, NJ

Hi everybody. Dr. Kinney here, your chiropractor for athletes in Jackson Township, NJ. Today, what I wanna show you is a couple of the best pre and post stretches for golfers.

So this is just a fake club, a practice club that I found that I’m gonna use, but this is how you can actually use your clubs and involve it into your stretching to give you a little bit of balance. And it’ll give you a little stability to stretch different parts of your body.

Golfer Stretch Techniques in Jackson Township, NJ

So whenever you stretch one way, you always wanna stretch the other. So side bending. You always wanna go one way or another. So just we’re gonna do all the major motion ranges of motion for your golf stretches today.

So we’re gonna start with stretching forward, holding the club right out in front of you. You wanna bend down as far as you can go. If you could get your club on the ground, that would be best, or up on top of your sneakers.

You wanna feel a nice stretch in your back, let your head hang. You’re gonna hold that for a good 10 to 15 breaths. Then you’re gonna bring your club behind your back, small of the back, and we’re gonna go backwards stretch. Nice extension stretch.

You should feel that in the small of your back. Use the club to kind of stabilize your lower back. And then we’re gonna do, keeping the club there, we’re gonna do rotations.

So you can either use it in the small of your back to help with back stretching one way and then the other. Again you’re gonna, oh my back just cracked. You’re gonna go, again, 10 to 15 breaths.

Or you could put this over your shoulders and stretch this way. So you can feel this a little bit more in the posterior aspect of your shoulders if you’re doing this right. Same deal.

And then, for your side stretching, you’re gonna put your left foot forward. You’re gonna hold the club in the right hand and bring your arm up and over, holding onto the club this way. So you should feel a nice stretch in the whole side of your body.

Chiropractic for Golfers in Jackson Township, NJ

Again, you’re deep breathing into these stretches, and then you’re gonna switch and go the other way.

So these are just some easy, basic, basic stretches that you can do before and after you go on the golf course, just to loosen you up. You never wanna go out there and just pound 18 holes, however many strokes that takes you, and then you’re sore and in pain afterwards.

So always warm up before you get out on the golf course. Hope that helps. See you soon.

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