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Chiropractic Post-Workout Stretches for Shoulder Pain in Jackson Township, NJ

Hi everybody. Dr. Jodi Kinney again, your chiropractor for shoulder pain in Jackson Township, NJ.

Today I wanna show you a couple of the best stretches that you could do assisted or not, after or before you do any kind of heavy upper body weight lifting. So biceps, triceps, neck into the shoulder and rotator cuff.

I’m gonna do an assisted rotator cuff stretch start on both sides, and then I’ll show you the rest. So to start, my patient Mike is gonna bring his arm overhead. You’re gonna hook your arm around the crook of his elbow. Elbow to elbow and pull.

And what you’re gonna do is you just kind of rotate in and like you should feel that on your shoulder. – Definitely. The rotator cuff, the back of the shoulder. This is a really deep rotator cuff stretch that you can do before or after you do any kind of heavy shoulder workout. Same on this side.

Now, remember you wanna go crook to crook on the arm and really just pull up. On and you’re gonna be breathing through this Mike. You never wanna be holding your breath when we stretch. Good. Now, come on and sit up. Face this way.

Chiropractic Shoulder Pain Relief Exercises, Jackson Township, NJ

So Mike came in after a workout with a little bit of a neck and shoulder thing going on. So bring your shoulder behind your back or your arm behind your back, drop the shoulder down and then I’m just gonna stretch the neck over.

So this is like the upper back lateral neck all the way into the shoulder. If we do this right, breathing into it. And then if we turn the head away from the shoulder we’re stretching, it changes up the muscle group that we stretch.

So you’re gonna feel it a little more in the back of the neck and shoulder. Okay. I’m going the other way. So let’s switch arms. Drop that shoulder down. So you never wanna shrug the shoulder up when we’re stretching it cause you’re not gonna feel the stretch.

And then turn a little bit, and bend forward. Good. Awesome. I always like to counter stretch. Always wanna be looking up after you look down just to kind of stretch out the chest a little bit.

And then you can do an assisted tricep stretch shoulder. So rotate your arm this way. So he’s got his hand, like patting on his back like that. And then you’re gonna pull it back. You feel that in the tricep? Mmh. So that’s gonna stretch this part of the arm.

And then biceps. Open it up. Thumb up. And then you wanna support the back of the shoulder here. You feel that in the bicep? Oh yeah. So I always think it’s important when you’re gonna stretch one muscle group, you wanna try to stretch the opposing group.

Shoulder Pain Stretches | Chiropractic Jackson Township, NJ

That’s why, whenever we do flexion stretches of the neck you always wanna do extension. Same with the arms. If you’re gonna do a tricep stretch, you always wanna do a bicep stretch. So you always wanna do the opposite sides of whatever muscle group you’re stretching.

So you get both sides of the arm out or the leg or the neck or whatever. You feel that in the bicep? Yeah. Ooh. Shoulder. Okay, good.

So again, you wanna be breathing through all those stretches. But these are the best upper body stretches that you should do before and after you do any kind of heavy weight lifting. Overhead weightlifting, bicep, triceps, try those up. Okay.

Thanks so much guys. See you soon.

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