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Best Stretches for SI Joint Pain In Jackson Township, NJ

Best Stretches for SI Joint Pain Relief | Chiropractor for SI Joint Pain in Jackson Township, NJ

Hi everybody, today I’m going to show you some of the best stretches that you can do for your SI joint. Or if you have pain in your SI joint, I’m Dr. Jody Kinney, of Intrinsic Chiropractic.

At Home SI Joint Stretches

Your SI joint is the joint that is made up between your sacrum or your tailbone, and one half, or one side of the other of your pelvis. So this is a really it’s the biggest joint in your body and can often have dysfunction or become very locked up. And some of the best stretches that we provide for patients in addition to adjustments is going to help you at home, loosen up your SI joint. So we’re gonna start with a hamstring stretch because all of the muscles in the hamstring do attach up into the pelvis and a little bit into the SI joint. So you want to start with just a straight up hamstring stretch, you want to feel a nice stretch in the back of the leg. member, you want to hold all of your stretches for at least 10 or so deep breaths, then you’re going to do the other side. So you should feel a nice stretch all the way in the back of the leg, you’re going to hold that stretch for about 10 breaths or so. And then we want to stretch we want to bring the knee to the chest. So this helps to open up that SI joint. Same kind of thing. You’re gonna feel a nice opening and your pelvis and your tailbone. And then you’re gonna grab opposite hands to the opposite knee and pull it over. So you should really feel a good stretch, almost like in your butt and your glute. Those are the muscles that are attached to that SI joint. And then you’re going to go the other way, pull the knee up to the chest, and then you’re gonna pull it across your body. So you feel the stretch in here. Same deal, you’re gonna kind of do the stretch for about 10 breaths or so. And then the last stretch that you’re gonna do is a extension type, stretch, stretch. So you’re going to lay face down, bodies long, and then you’re going to kind of push yourself up into an extension, sometimes a yoga they call it Cobra. This is going to help to extend or push that tailbone down. So it’s another way to stretch the joint in the lower back and that SRG Alright, so those are my favorite stretches for SI joint. Don’t forget to breathe through them. And those are ones that you could do at home if you’re outside joints or your lower back are really really tight.

Alright, we hope to see you soon have a good one!

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